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Survey of organizational maturity of private and public companies

Maturity Model Assessment

In the last decade we have seen a more widespread use of project management practices and techniques, both on a national and international level. This has been witnessed by international institutes such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) thanks to the increase in associates.

This greater sensitivity towards project management hasn’t brought, however, an overall improvement in the management of projects. Statistical analysis show that the number of successful projects has not risen significantly.

The main reason lies in the companies’ lack of maturity in Project Management. Although there are certified Project Managers among the company’s employees, this doesn’t improve much the efficacy and efficiency of project management, because not all the people involved in the project are trained enough.

A careful analysis of the needs of small and medium sized enterprises, based on research carried out in several university in Europe and across the world has been carried out. Also, a conversation has been started among some of the best project managers in the world, coming from different sectors and holding certifications from the best project management institutes. The result of these studies and discussions is the definition of certain processes that any organization must have.

The processes defined allow to govern an organization, to manage projects and programmes, to organize activities, to give value to human resources, support business, improve time-to-market and carefully mange cash flow without stiffening the operating mode of small and medium-sized enterprises that typically have a dynamic and reactive relationship with the market.

As the culture of project management spreads, a greater number of enterprises has started managing their project activities with efficacy and efficiency, with more people getting project management certifications. On the other hand, sectors like public administration, see project management as a an instrument that can help preserve investments.

To allow companies to evaluate their level of maturity in project management, A4PM® has a long experience in assessing the organization’s knowledge and practises. In this way it is possible to evaluate the level achieved and at the same time reach the right level of maturity, using the world’s most widespread Maturity Models.

A4PM® is a Project Management consultancy firm that offers solutions to both private and public sector clients, in Italy and in Europe, to manage complex projects that require methodology and experience.
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