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Project Management training for your company.

Personalized Training

To increase your skills (Public Administration and Private Companies)

A4PM® is aware that training in project management oriented towards any of the most famous international certifications cannot be included in an organization as it is, but it must be considered that each organization has its own culture and its own peculiar dynamics in a specific target market.

A4PM® therefore offers a personalized training service so that, regardless of a project management certification, your company's Project Manager is able to bring the excellence of the discipline into your company without “conflicting” with the context, but "merging” with existing procedures and corporate practices to enhance and optimize them in order to close projects successfully, in less time and spending less.


The first step is to verify the competence of the candidate to be trained, to understand where to start. Filling out a test questionnaire may suffice, to be carried out in a quiet environment without distractions and then continue with a 1-hour interview with the candidate to learn more about what emerged from the test and the context in which the company operates.


Downstream of the assessment with which the level of preparation of the candidate is understood as well as the particular company reality in which it operates, it is decided in which direction to continue. You could choose a training program that strengthens the candidate's weak points or, as if starting from scratch, create a complete training plan to raise awareness of the project management discipline by adapting it to the company context with the use of the Project Manager's own tools.


Wanting to optimize the consultancy and training effort as much as possible, in addition to basic training, the on-the-job training could be decided with the company management, i.e. a support to the resource during its company activities to show the candidate the best use of the tools and the most correct application of the acquired knowledge to the context.

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A4PM® is a Project Management consultancy firm that offers solutions to both private and public sector clients, in Italy and in Europe, to manage complex projects that require methodology and experience.
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