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Training on-the-job

Professional support to consolidate skills.

On the job training is a learning method based on experience in the field, i.e. in the workplace and during contractual hours.

One-to-one knowledge

These are training practices which, most of the time, are based on a one-to-one transfer of knowledge, i.e. from person to person, but they can also be functional with very small groups of workers in training. The coaching of the A4PM® project manager aims to provide instructions, indications and feedback, to optimize and increase the performance of your employees who are in charge of managing company projects.


During the training, with an A4PM® project manager, the employee of your organization is supported in his daily tasks. The A4PM® project manager will therefore be able to observe how he works, how he solves problems and applies company procedures. During training, the employee explains what he does, while he does it, in order to receive advice on how to do what he does better and why it would be better to adopt a specific technique or methodology at that moment.

A4PM® is a Project Management consultancy firm that offers solutions to both private and public sector clients, in Italy and in Europe, to manage complex projects that require methodology and experience.
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